Wrap SharedPreferences in an enum for easy access

Sometimes you need to share a couple of global preferences in your android application and one option is to use the SharedPreferences to accomplish this;

    //get the preferences

    SharedPreferences prefs = myActivity().getSharedPreferences(“ConfigurationStore”, Context.MODE_PRIVATE);

    //store a value

    prefs.edit().putString(“user”, “Teddy”).commit();

    //get the value

    prefs.getString(“user”, null); 

I like my code simple so I wrote a very simple wrapper to hide the above, here is the result.

    public enum ConfigurationStore {
      private String key;
      private SharedPreferences prefs = //get this from your activity class
      ConfigurationStore(String key){
        this.key = key;
      public String get(){
        return prefs.getString(key, null);
      public void set(String value){
        prefs.edit().putString(key, value).commit();


The usage of the wrapper is shown below

    //Set a value:
    //get a value

It’s easy to extend with new properties just by adding to the enum:

    public enum ConfigurationStore {
    //Set a value:
    //get a value

Note that this is strictly using Strings. Ideas how to extend this to support other primitives in a type safe way are most welcome!

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